THeravada Buddhist Meditation Course in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin and Mother Sayamagyi

April 9th - 19th 2020

at Kiental BE - the course is cancelled because of the coronavirus epidemic
Teaching language: German (instructions in English possible)
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Beginning with the base of morality, training in concentration is taught using Anapana meditation (mindfulness of breathing). Through learning to calm and control the mind during the first five days, the student quickly appreciates the advantages of a steady and balanced mind.

Vipassana meditation is practised throughout the remainder of the period. Vipassana is a process that enables the student to develop awareness of the natural characteristics of impermanence, suffering and non-self through personal experience. Practised with diligence the gradual process of mental purification will lead to the end of suffering and to full Enlightenment or Nibbana.

How much does it cost? There has never been any charge for the Buddha's Teachings. However, there is a suggested donation of CHF 590 for a ten-day course, which is put towards the cost of food and accommodation.

For further information: Eugen Jung, regional teacher, phone: 0041 (0)31 991 61 41 or show email

Sayagyi U Ba Khin Gesellschaft Schweiz

Find more information about the tradition and the technique on the International Meditationcentre UK website.